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Bart Simpson Has A Birthday

Well, this past weekend, it was my friend Susanna's birthday, so these balloons were actually from her door! She turned 19, so that was pretty cool.

I found these leggings on Romwe, and even though they were completely random in terms of my wardrobe, I had to have it. But since I couldn't figure out what to do with it for about two days, I let it sit in my browser in case I changed my mind. I love watching the Simpsons, and I'm glad that Bart Simpson, as a social icon, has also made it into the fashion world.  
I finally decided that a cobalt peplum blouse would go best with these pants, and then it took me forever to find this blouse. The only ones I found were unnaturally expensive, and I started to lose hope, but then I found this beauty on eBay.
I realized after putting the hat on that I looked equestrian-like, but was a little disappointed in not having riding boots, but I hope to remedy that over Christmas break which starts next week! Woo!                                                
 Hat: Choies
Blouse: eBay
Leggings: Romwe