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Men @ Work.

Bowties are cool. 

Floral crown: CultGaia
Blazer: Thrifted
Collared blouse: Thrifted
Bowtie and Vest: Amazon
Pants: Forever21

In light of Jean Paul Gaultier's Pre Fall 2013 collection which showcases women's style in a more masculine context, say hello to my latest outfit!
What is essentially a mixed three piece suit characterized the look, with a cute black bowtie to top it all off. Also, I needed an excuse to wear this lime green floral headband, because it's my favorite color. I think minimalism is slowly dominating my outfit combinations, so I have to look for new ways to wear the simplest pieces cleanly while still being as unconventional as possible. 
Also, check out those pants! I love the visual illusion of the slightly curved white stripes , because it makes the legs look thinner and more shapely. That's a pretty genius concept, though I'm pretty sure it's been employed by someone, somewhere, beforehand.