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Talon Finger Ring: GoJane 

Minimalism may still be in, but my personal flair for bling isn't going anywhere. And there are some parts of me that I feel deserve more accessorized attention, namely, my face and hands. I don't do arm parties, simply because I don't like having to be super conscious about how and where I arrange my arms and hands, but because my hands are larger than average, and therefore my fingers are longer than average, adding some nail polish, a bracelet, and this rad nail talon add grace to my digits, especially since I have to hold the rest of my fingers a certain way to acommodate the increased length of my index finger. What's more, the level of detailing done on the talon is beautiful, and its simple silver color makes it a perfect addition to an all white or french mani. Unexpectedly fierce novelty? Check. 
Dynamite comes in small packages.

Coming soon to an outfit post near you!