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Get Weird

Oftentimes, in the wake of a funky new trend or in the serendipitous matching beauty of separate items of clothing or jewelry, I go a bit haywire playing with tiny concepts that require little time or planning.

Here, I'd scored pair of statement earrings that were quite similar in style and color to a bib necklace I'd owned for a few weeks, and I wanted to represent the all-too played out floral visuals, but in a tougher, and slightly more shocking manner.
Four cans of Tropical Red Bull and an all nighter later, peeling gift wrapping paper off my face, I breathed a sigh of satisfaction, and then promptly forgot about this mini project as I got caught up in the rest of what life had to offer.

Fast-forward from spring to autumn, and the heavy yellow somehow seems more fitting than it did at the advent of spring; plus, with today being Women's Equality Day, it seems as good a time as any to exhibit what I consider a bright juxtaposition of strength and delicacy, hard and soft, with a hint of acid trip.

wearing: ShoeDazzle earrings / / eBay Bib Necklace / / Avalon Exchange Ring